Time & Labor

Streamline challenging tasks with our TLM Software.

Manage time and labor with our scheduling tools, which include...

EXPEDITE time sheet collection and approval with....

  • Automatic notifications to employees reminding them to fill out and submit timesheets
  • Scalable functionality to expand or restrict permissions for various levels of users
  • Automatic timesheet updates for holidays and pre-approved time-off requests
  • Drill-down capabilities for easy edits
  • Automatic reports designed to prevent to prevent time and labor management errors

Improve the ACCURACY & EFFICIENCY of your time and labor management system with a variety of time-keeping systems, including:

  • Traditional systems
    • Magnetic Readers
    • Barcode Readers
    • Proximity Readers
  • Biometric Systems
    • Fingerprint
    • Hand Geometry
    • Eye Pattern
    • Magnetic Readers
    • Voice Recognition

  • Dynamic Signature
  • Mobile / Off-Site Systems
    • Telephony
    • Mobile Scanners

Take advantage of optional and CUSTOMIZABLE TIME-KEEPING SYSTEM options, including:

  • Multiple job-costing levels
  • Multi-thousand user capacity
  • Management and employee self-service tools
  • Hardware enclosures that protect systems from extreme environments.


  • Historical data displayed in multiple formats to identify attendance and performance patterns
  • Automated time-off request notifications and warnings
  • Benefits accrual rules testing prior to real data applications
  • Flexible override capabilities to easily facilitate exceptions

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