Frequently Asked Questions about Payroll & Taxes




What tax services do you offer?

  • As part of our payroll management solutions, we prepare each individual’s W2s and tax preparation forms such as ES903, 940 and 941
  • Because we are not a tax preparer, we do not do gross receipts

If I switch to OnePayHR, will my employees get W2s from you and our old payroll company?

  • No.  When you switch to OnePayHR, we take care of everything
  • You will get only one set of tax forms from OnePayHR

You’ve said OnePayHR is cost effective.  How much do your services cost?  

  • You’ll pay one flat fee for basic payroll services
  • There is a per check fee per statement
  • There are no hidden fees or added extras.  For example, there are no additional fees if you..
    • Add new hires
    • Delete employees from your payroll
    • Run special reports
    • General Ledger Integration
    • Simply contact your personal OnePayHR customer service